Coach Training

For those who wish to increase their awareness or who wish to become a professional Consciousness Coach themselves, the Professional Consciousness Coaching® Training is a must. Creative Consciousness The Netherlands offers leading-edge coach training that has the highest level of ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation as ACTP – accredited coach training program.

Our coach training curriculum includes:

  • 2 foundation courses: Master I and Master II (4 days each),
  • one advanced course: Master III (in two parts, 4 days each, with several weeks of practice period in between),
  • exam preparation component: peer coaching practice, observed coaching sessions with a mentor coach, self-study,
  • written and oral parts of the exam.

Successful completion of the training curriculum and passing the exam leads to obtaining Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®. With this diploma you are able to professionally practice coaching in any field of your choice, be that life coaching, business coaching, or any other coaching area, and are eligible to become a member of ICF and apply for their credentials.

With Consciousness Coaching® coach training curriculum you receive:

  • In-depth getting of coaching as a profession and a way of life,
  • Highly impactful coaching skills and numerous tools applicable to any situation,
  • Advanced communication training that transforms you into a source of empowerment for people around you,
  • Ability to source enthusiasm and authentic self-expression,
  • Power to truly get another and connect on a deeper level,
  • Vision and purpose for your professional and personal life,
  • Higher levels of freedom, and happiness.

Coach Training Program Structure


Your coach training starts with two foundation courses: Master I and Master II.

Master 1 – A new state of consciousness

is a 4-day transformational training that will start you on a path to increased awareness, freedom of choice, passion, self-expression, clarity of purpose, and the development of your personal power. Master I expands your awareness and allows you to see what exactly determines how you behave, think, and feel, and what stands between you and being fully free, fulfilled, and happy. What makes you tick, what drives you? Why do you do what you do and feel what you feel? Once you become aware of what shaped your life and yourself, Master I supports you in acquiring the power to set yourself free from limitations and break down the wall of negative conditioning that separates you from your happiness. Master I introduces key distinctions and concepts of Consciousness Coaching® method and lays a strong foundation for your coach development.

Master 2 – The Expansion Process

is a highly impactful 4-day training process that combines advanced consciousness development with coach training in order to give you the power to transform your reality. Master II introduces you to Consciousness Coaching® method and communication system and trains you to use coaching as an empowering way of relating to other people. You learn communication and coaching skills that you can apply in any relationship, with your partner, children, parents, colleagues, friends, clients, and with yourself. You work on developing ultimate getting of others and acquire a totally new level of connection, receptivity, and openness. Master II supports you in advanced personal development, working on completing your past and forgiving, as well as building the way forward into the future through defining your vision and mission. Additionally, you can engage in deepening your holistic development through frame program that includes meditation, dancing, and the ancient Japanese discipline of hojo, which we practice to mirror coach-client dynamics.


Master 3 – The Consciousness Coaching® ProcessTM

is an advanced coach training course, consisting of two parts (4 days each) with several weeks of practice in between the parts. Through introducing you to the deeper layers of Consciousness Coaching® method, Master III trains you to be an outstanding coach, communicator, and creator. You will gain all the knowledge and skills needed to qualify as a professional coach and successfully practice coaching as a profession. Master III trains you in facilitating transformation for others , creating awareness for your clients, and introducing key notions of Consciousness Coaching®. Additionally, in Master III you work on authentic self-expression and acquire communication tools that enable you to compassionately communicate even in most challenging situations. You deepen your personal development through learning to apply the power of context (consciousness) in all interactions, transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs, transcending your comfort zone, and building your legacy. In both parts of Master III we continue with the frame program.


Having completed the trainings, you sign up for the exam component and get allocated a mentor coach, who will conduct 6 observed coaching sessions with you. Your mentor coach will observe your sessions with real clients and provide in-depth feedback to support you in getting your coach competences to the next level. You will also engage in extensive peer coaching practice as well as self-study and integration of everything that you have learned. In this process you are also encouraged to work with real clients.

To enter the exam, you are required to give at least 8 sessions to paying clients, 8 sessions to your peers, receive at least 8 sessions as a client, complete 6 observed coaching sessions, and 3 peer observed coaching sessions.

Normally, the process of exam preparation itself takes at least 2 months – it can be a bit less or more, depending on your individual learning style, schedule, and pace.


Once you have accomplished practice hours needed to enter the exam, you submit your documents and participate in the written part of the exam. It is a 50 minutes test, containing multiple choice and open questions that cover theory, core notions of coaching, and key Consciousness Coaching® distinctions. If you successfully pass the written part, you are invited for the oral part, where you need to demonstrate your coaching skills in a coaching session scenario, with a role-playing client. You will receive immediate feedback and, if you pass, will be awarded the Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®.


The coach training program of Creative Consciousness The Netherlands is offered for the following investments:

Master 1 – A New State of Consciousness: € 1.195,- excl. vat
Master 2 – The Expansion Process: € 1.195,-, excl. vat
Master 3 – The Consciousness Coaching Process: € 3.590,-, excl. vat
6 Coaching Sessions by a Professional Consciousness Coach: € 660,-, excl. vat
ICF Exam Package: € 1.295,-, excl. vat

If you choose to book this as a package, we offer a 10% package discount. Your total investment for the total package is € 7.133,50, excl. vat