Personal Development

Creative Consciousness trainings give you a solid and broad basis to become more successful, both personally and professionally. No matter if you are looking for personal growth, want to learn the art of coaching, or want to become a successful entrepreneur, in our trainings you will find the keys for opening new doors and discovering new ways to use your resources. All Creative Consciousness trainings serve two purposes: on the one hand they support your personal self-discovery and growth; on the other hand they provide training in coaching as a way of life or as a profession. In general, throughout the whole curriculum you are trained in using and raising your consciousness to operate your resources in a new, more effective and holistic way. You will acquire the tools to create a life you cannot wait to get up for in the morning.

Participating in Creative Consciousness trainings will give you the following results:

  • More clarity – know who you are and what you want to accomplish in life
  • More energy – access your inner resources and learn to use them in a constructive way
  • More freedom – be and act independently from your thinking and feeling
  • More power – go directly and with determination towards your goals

We offer two foundation trainings to start your journey, one advanced training to master coaching on a professional level, and two special trainings to target specific important themes. Creative Consciousness has over 20 years of experience in the area personal development and human empowerment and our coach training curriculum (Master II and III) is accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation).

Basic training program me Master I – A New State of Consciousness is a prerequisite for participation in all other courses.

Master I – A New State of Consciousness

is a 4-day breakthrough process that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Because of consciousness we not only know that we exist, but it is also the context in which we human beings think, feel, act and perceive reality. You will be trained in how to use and raise your consciousness to gain control over negative sabotaging patterns and to finally create a self-determined reality. We will examine very closely the process of manifestation and creation. What caused your reality the way it is and what shaped you the way you are? What laws are at work on days that you feel absolutely fantastic and on days that you feel like you rather cancel the day? Once you know this, you can now start to influence these processes and turn things into the direction you choose. Master I is about taking ownership over your thoughts, feelings, actions and your experience of life itself. This course will start you on a path to increased awareness, freedom of choice, passion, self-expression, clarity of purpose, and the development of your personal power. Master I is the foundation training for the Creative Consciousness curriculum: completion of this course is the prerequisite for attending any other course offered by Creative Consciousness, including our accredited coach training. Find out more

Master II – The Expansion Process

is a highly impactful 4-day training process that combines advanced consciousness development with coach training in order to give you the power to transform your reality. Master II introduces you to Consciousness Coaching® method and communication system and trains you to use coaching as an empowering way of relating to other people. You learn communication and coaching skills that you can apply in any relationship, with your partner, children, parents, colleagues, friends, clients, and with yourself. You work on developing ultimate getting of others and acquire a totally new level of connection, receptivity, and openness. Master II supports you in advanced personal development, working on completing your past and forgiving, as well as building the way forward into the future through defining your vision, values, and legacy. Master II is an essential training both for personal development and coach training purposes of the curriculum. Find out more

Master III – The Consciousness Coaching Process part 1 & 2

is a powerful 8-day ICF accredited coach training program that enables you to become a source of transformation for your environment and leads to acquiring an internationally recognized diploma in coaching. Through introducing you to the deeper layers of Consciousness Coaching® method, Master III trains you to be an outstanding coach, communicator, and creator. You will gain all the knowledge and skills needed to qualify as a professional coach and successfully practice coaching as a profession. In addition to that, you will gain insights that support you in living a more fulfilled life. Master III will take you to new levels of compassionate and authentic self-expression. Master III is equally beneficial to aspiring coaches as individuals in search of advanced personal development and transformation. The 8 training days are divided into two parts 4 days each, with several weeks break in between. If you wish to become a certified coach, you need to complete Master I, II and III, and afterwards sign up for the Exam component. Find out more 

The Mastery of Success

is an outrageous 4-day training that will take you out of the box and catapult you to clarity, power, and visionary success. Mastery of Success is a hands-on “success in action” training that introduces you to the organic principles of success, sales and entrepreneurship – a must for anyone who wants to create a self-determined destiny. The major benefit of this course rests with its power to push you out of your comfort zone and support you in living, thinking and acting “out of the box”. Mastery of Success will help you to become constructively outrageous, naturally powerful, and endlessly enthusiastic about your life and business. Through introducing a radically new paradigm of understanding sales, this course will turn around your vision and empower you to achieve massive success in anything. Find out more

The Mastery of Relationships

is an insightful 3-day training that supports you in creating empowerment, authenticity, and fulfillment in any relationship you have. Building on Consciousness Coaching® as a way of communicating, this training supports you in becoming the source of joy, satisfaction, and connection in relating to other human beings. Mastery of Relationships will enable you to create deeper level of connection with the people that matter to you, more freedom to express yourself in any interaction, and the power to create your relationships instead of reacting to them. It will train you in constructive communication and ability to express compassion in difficult situations. Mastery of Relationships is open for anyone willing to to improve their skills in diverse kinds of relationships. It is an invaluable experience for couples as well as for single persons. Find out more

The Mastery of Money

is a 2-day course that focusses on transforming your relationship with money. This course addresses the question: do you have money or does money have you? Through exploring the reality of money, you look into the underlying self-sabotaging elements that limit your potential power to have more money and ultimately improving your emotional relationship to money and wealth. As a result, you can start living into a self-created money future. Find out more

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