Master 1 – A New State of Consciousness

Master 1 – A new state of consciousness is a 4-day breakthrough process that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Why should you do Master 1 – A new state of consciousness?

Whenever people are asked what they ultimately want from life, it mostly comes down to one of these key words: happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. But why does it not come naturally? Why is it often a struggle to achieve and maintain this?

How often do we feel stuck and frustrated in our lives because of the same old negative patterns that tend to not go away, no matter how hard we try? It seems sometimes almost impossible to turn things really around, not just for a moment. Think about those days that you wake up and your thinking and feeling says: today is not my day? But what if exactly on that day you need to give an important presentation or are having an important meeting? How do you manage yourself? In general, what do we need to do differently in order to overcome fears, insecurities, negative self-talk, and other negative sabotaging patterns and to become the creator of our reality and experiences?

The first step would be to become AWARE of how you function as a human being. You need to know exactly what determines how you behave, think, feel, act and experience reality. What makes you tick, what drives you? Why do you do what you do and feel what you feel? You need to find out what is holding you back and what stands in between you and doing what you really want to do and being who you want to be. Once you become aware of what shaped your life and yourself, you can take the second step: acquire the power to start setting yourself free from limitations and breaking down the wall of negative conditioning that has been determining most of your life so far.

Master I – A new state of consciousness takes you through these two steps, and even further. You will see for yourself how consciousness is the crucial factor to gain control over negative sabotaging patterns and to finally create a self-determined reality. You will gain new awareness, connection to your inner power, clarity on your way forward, and practical tools needed for creating your life the way you choose to.

How does Master 1 work?

Master I is a dynamic and holistic training process facilitated by an international team of our highly skilled trainers. We create a safe space in which you can internalize and directly implement new knowledge instead of just receiving information. Each training day contains inquiries and awareness creations combined with exercises and individual as well as group process designed to integrate the insights you acquire. A comprehensive training workbook supports the process.

Master 1 main themes:

  • Freedom – feel free, act free, be free
  • Passion – create the life you love to live
  • Energy – tap into your core energy and use it for constructive purposes
  • Clarity – see clearly what you want to accomplish in life
  • Integrity – align your actions with your words
  • Awareness – perceive reality as it is
  • Authenticity – stay true to who you choose to be
  • Presence – be fully in the here and now
  • Love – love without conditions
  • Action – act independently from thinking and feeling
  • and much more….

As the result of Master I, you will acquire new life skills and develop daily practices that will lead you towards creating major lasting shifts in your life.

Master 1 is a personal development training well as the foundation training of the coach training curriculum and a prerequisite for becoming a Consciousness Coach®.


As a private individual you yourself determine afterwards what it is you wish to pay for the training (Valuation After Experience or VAE). Before the training, you pay only a compulsory registration fee of € 195 (for Maastricht) or € 245 (for Amsterdam) that covers costs for renting the venue, food, drinks, snacks, coffee/tea.

Corporations invest € 1.195 excl. VAT per employee.

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