Master 2 – The Expansion Process

Master 2 – The Expansion Process is a highly impactful 4-day training process that combines advanced consciousness development with coach training in order to give you the power to transform your reality.

Why should you do Master 2 – The Expansion Process?

In Master 1 you have raised you awareness and laid the foundation for creating new levels of happiness, power, freedom, and fulfilment. Master 2 builds on that foundation. It equips you with new tools and knowledge to accelerate your own process and adds a new dimension: interaction with others.

Apart from being an advanced personal development training, Master 2 is also an essential step and prerequisite for getting the ICF accredited diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®.

What is Master 2?

Master 2 introduces you to Consciousness Coaching® method and communication system and trains you to use coaching as an empowering way of relating to other people. You learn communication and coaching skills that you can apply in any relationship, with your partner, children, parents, colleagues, friends, clients, and with yourself. You work on developing ultimate getting of others and acquire a totally new level of connection, receptivity, and openness. Master 2 supports you in advanced personal development, working on completing your past and forgiving, as well as building the way forward into the future through defining your vision, values, and legacy.

Master 2 main themes:

  • Getting – capture the essence of things,
  • Listening – be able to truly hear another beyond words,
  • Questioning – open up new possibilities through asking questions,
  • Connection – build rapport and depth,
  • Compassion – recognize greatness in every human being,
  • Forgiveness – give up attachment to the past and be free,
  • Completion – create the space for living in the here and now,
  • Vision and mission – define and start living your legacy.

During the training we offer a holistic Consciousness Coaching® Frame Program that includes Meditation, Light Dance and Hojo – the ancient Japanese art of sword fighting. Frame Program activates your body consciousness and supports your holistic development.


As a private individual you yourself determine afterwards what it is you wish to pay for the training (Valuation After Experience or VAE). Before the training, you pay only a compulsory registration fee of € 195,- that covers costs for renting the venue, food, drinks, snacks, coffee/tea.

Corporations invest € 1.195 excl. VAT per employee.