Master 3 – The Consciousness Coaching Process

Master 3 – The Consciousness Coaching® ProcessTM is a powerful 8-day accredited coach training program that enables you to become a source of transformation for your environment and leads to acquiring an internationally recognized diploma in coaching.

Why should you do Master 3?

Master 3 is equally beneficial for aspiring coaches and individuals in search of advanced personal development and transformation on a qualitatively new level.
If you wish to empower yourself and others to live more happy and fulfilled lives, then Master III is for you. It is one of the most advanced coach trainings of the world accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Through introducing you to the deeper layers of Consciousness Coaching® method, Master 3 trains you to be an outstanding coach, communicator and creator. You will gain all the knowledge and skills needed to qualify as a professional coach and successfully practice coaching as a profession. In addition to that, you will gain insights that support you in living a more fulfilled life. Master III will take you to new levels of compassionate and authentic self-expression.

What is Master 3?

Master 3 consists of 8 training days that are divided into two parts, 4 days each, with several weeks break in between. In between the two parts, you engage in self study, communication, coaching practice, and integration of the training material and skills.

Master 3 trains you to:

  • Facilitate and source transformation for others,
  • Take Responsibility to whole new levels,
  • Use the Consciousness Coaching® method and tools on a professional level,
  • Create new awareness through introducing key notions of Consciousness Coaching®,
  • Apply the power of context (consciousness) in all interactions,
  • Transform breakdowns into breakthroughs,
  • Create enthusiasm anywhere, anytime ,
  • Practice compassionate self-expression,
  • Successfully communicate in challenging situations,
  • Transcend your comfort zone and build your legacy.

Moreover, in Master III you get to deepen your authenticity through Video Analysis process, and discover who you when in team context through a Mongolian run exercise. In both parts of Master III we offer the Consciousness Coaching® Frame Program – Meditation, Light Dance, and Hojo.

If you wish to become a certified coach, you need to complete Master I, II and III, and afterwards sign up for the Exam component.

Prices & Dates

As a private individual we offer the 2×4 days trainings for a fixed price of  €2390 (incl. VAT.)

-Optional: the six individual coaching sessions are offered for € 653,40 incl. VAT

-Optional: the exam package is offered for € 1.566,95 incl. VAT

Corporations invest € 3.590 per employee excl. 21% VAT.
The optional six individual coaching sessions are offered for € 660,-  excl. 21% VAT and the optional exam package is offered for € 1.295 excl. 21% VAT.

Dates 2017:

Part 1: 27-30 April
Part 2: 22-25 June