The Mastery of Money

The Mastery of Money has recently been expanded to a 3 day training. In the training you will experience who you are when it’s about money. You as identity, social self, your believes, indoctrinations and conditioning. And YOU as the true Self, your being. Questions to look into right now are:
What is money for you?
To what degree have you mastered money and do you experience freedom?
What is the dominating conversation keeping you from being a true opening for money to flow to you?
What is your common reaction to debt?

In the training you will explore your current unconscious relationships to money. You will explore shadows around this topic and start integrating them. You will see sabotaging believes and programs and own them. And you will become an opening for money to be your friend due to the shift in being and resonance in you.

The Mastery of Money is a 3-day specialised course for people and their relationship with Money. Money can, in whatever quantity, be both a delight and a burden. This training is geared to everyone to whom the latter is applicable.

Why should you do Mastery of Money?

Do you have money or does money have you? If the latter is the case, then Mastery of Money is THE course for you! You learn more about the relationship between money and integrity and the difference between good and bad debts – and how you can get out of debt as quickly as possible. Through exploring the reality of money, you look into the underlying self-sabotaging elements that limit your potential power to have more money and ultimately improving your emotional relationship to money and wealth. As a result, you can start living into a self-created money future.

What is Mastery of Money?

This liberating training process trains you in applying Creative Consciousness principles to support you in having a positive and balanced relationship with money. It will train you to see the many aspects of your life, which you may not know impacts the money flowing in and out of your life.

Main themes of Mastery of Money:

  • Money – the Isness and the delusions
  • Male and female powers of money – making money happen and letting money happen
  • Relationship between money and your integrity
  • Good debt vs. bad debt and how to get out of it
  • Purpose of savings – the being and the doing level
  • Explore self-punishment and self-destruction
  • The underlying self-sabotaging elements that limit our potential power to more money
  • Improve your emotional relationship to money & wealth
  •  Live into a self-created money future

The result of Mastery of Money is an upgrade in consciousness that allows you to see money for what it is, and to gain monetary freedom on a holistic level.

What are the practical details?

Prerequisite for the course: completion of Master I.

Training days

Mastery of Money consists of 3 training days. Each day starts at 9 am, the first two days are open-ended. On Day 3 we finish at 6 pm sharp. All trainings take place in Maastricht, Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt. Participants are responsible to secure their own accommodation, when needed. Details on the venue and a list of accommodation possibilities will be sent to registered participants.

Your investment

As a private individual  you pay only a compulsory registration fee of € 155,- that covers costs for renting the venue, food, drinks, snacks, coffee/tea.

For the training days we will have a dynamic pot of cash that will be open during the training sessions. The purpose will be explained to you on the training.

In order to play the game we require of you to bring, on the morning of day 1, as much cash as you anticipate the course will create value for you. Contributions to the training will begin then.

The amount that you add to the pot is entirely at your discretion and is kept private. You will be able to add more cash or take cash out of the pot during the training days.  Nobody knows the extent of your contribution and it depends entirely on the value you receive from your experience of the training.

Corporations invest € 995 excl. VAT per employee.

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