The Mastery of Relationships

Mastery of Relationships is an insightful 3-day training that supports you in creating empowerment, authenticity, and fulfilment in any relationship you have.

Why should you do Mastery of Relationships?

Relationships can be the source of infinite joy or deepest suffering. Interweaving with all aspects of life, relationships are everywhere. Any interaction between two people constitutes a relationship and has the potential to create connection and powerful meaning as well as separation and deep long-term wounds.

Mastery of Relationships supports you in healing the wounds of the past and trains you in the art of creating and maintaining relationships that are deeply fulfilling and authentic.

What is Mastery of Relationships?

Building on Consciousness Coaching® as a way of communicating, this training supports you in becoming the source of joy, satisfaction, and connection in relating to other human beings. Mastery of Relationships will enable you to create deeper level of connection with the people that matter to you, more freedom to express yourself in any interaction, and the power to create your relations rather than react to them. It will train you in constructive communication and ability to express compassion in difficult situations.

Main themes of Mastery of Relationships:

  • Communication – relate to another in a way that inspires and deepens your relationship,
  • Passion – convert resignation into new possibilities,
  • Integrity – make and keep win-win agreements where both parties’ needs are met,
  • Awareness – recognize the impact of conditioning, and move beyond it,
  • Trust – build the foundation for your relationship to grow,
  • Completion – get the dust off your relationships, starting with parents,
  • Authenticity – express yourself with courage and compassion,
  • Context – create the space for yourself and your partner to be.

During the training days you will go through inquiries, transformational processes, and practical exercises that are specifically aimed at offering you a new perspective and insights necessary to create the relationships you would love to have.

Mastery of Relationships is open for anyone willing to to improve their skills in diverse kinds of relationships. It is an invaluable experience for couples as well as for single persons.


As a private individual you yourself determine afterwards what it is you wish to pay for the training (Valuation After Experience or VAE). Before the training, you pay only a compulsory registration fee of € 155,- that covers costs for renting the venue, food, drinks, snacks, coffee/tea.

Corporations invest € 995 excl. VAT per employee.