The Mastery of Success

Mastery of Success is an outrageous 4-day training that will take you out of the box and catapult you to clarity, power, and visionary success.

Why should you do Mastery of Success?

Mastery of Success is a hands-on “success in action” training that introduces you to the organic principles of success, sales and entrepreneurship – a must for anyone who wants to create a self-determined destiny. The major benefit of this course rests with its power to push you out of your comfort zone and support you in living, thinking and acting “out of the box”.

Mastery of Success will help you to become constructively outrageous, naturally powerful, and endlessly enthusiastic about your life and business. Through introducing a radically new paradigm of understanding sales, this course will turn around your vision and empower you to achieve massive success in anything.

What is Mastery of Success?

This experiential training process trains you in applying Consciousness Coaching® principles to maximize your ability to win people over, attract desirable circumstances, and generate abundance. The training days contain numerous exercises and processes that are both fun and of immediate use for your success.

Mastery of Success trains you in:

  • Building the foundations for massive success in all areas of your life,
  • Creating an attitude to “selling” that is a win-win for you and your environment,
  • Establishing rapport with clients, colleagues, and leader personalities,
  • Knowing when to stick and when to quit,
  • Using the power of chronos and chairos – time and timing,
  • Handling objections and winning clients,
  • Transforming your relationship to money,
  • Combining the power of 100% being and 100% doing to operate at 200%,
  • Thinking and living “out of the box”.

The result of Mastery of Success is a level-up in consciousness that allows you to source success on a holistic level: inner and outer fulfillment.



As a private individual you yourself determine afterwards what it is you wish to pay for the training (Valuation After Experience or VAE). Before the training, you pay only a compulsory registration fee of €195,-) that covers costs for renting the venue, food, drinks, snacks, coffee/tea.

Corporations invest € 1.195 excl. VAT per employee.