Individual Coaching and Team Coaching


Through Individual coaching or Team coaching we help individuals and teams achieve their goals, whichever they are. The focus of our tailor-made training programmes, which are based on the Consciousness Coaching® methodology, is on personal goals and team goals. A professional Consciousness Coach® assists you in getting clarity on your goals and on how to achieve them.


Is coaching of interest to you?

Individual coaching

In Individual coaching the Consciousness Coaching® methodology is used as a means to achieve your goals. Your personal goals are the starting point. A certified Consciousness Coach® assists you in realising them, not by spoon-feeding you the answers to your questions, but by expanding your awareness and giving you the opportunity to gain new insights yourself.


The number of sessions depends on your particular goal. Once your goals have been determined during the first session, some concrete actions are being formulated at the end of each consecutive session which help you reach your goal. Your coach challenges you to think outside the box, shows you which blockages keep you from reaching your goals and teaches you how to eliminate them.


Team coaching

The idea behind a team is that collaboration brings forth more than the sum total of its parts. In practice the results are often different though. There is no agreement on the goals or consensus on the best way of reaching them. Individual interests thwart the team interest or there is simply a lack of trust amongst the team members.


Team coaching focuses on improving group dynamics and team effectiveness by use of the principles of Consciousness Coaching®. The focus lies on the team’s aims, which can be both quantitative and qualitative in nature.


Once the team’s goals have been determined, they are being realised step-by-step in a couple of sessions – the number depends on the particular goals. At the end of each session actions are being formulated that are necessary to reach the goals.


Consciousness Coaching® mainly focuses on expanding the awareness of the team and the individual team members. This greater awareness provides the team with new insights, a fresh outlook on the goals and the possibility to realise them.