Training days & Location
Master I (and all the other 4 day Masters) consists of 4 training days, from Thursday till Sunday. Each day starts at 9 am, evenings are open-ended. On Day 4 (Sunday) we finish at 6 pm sharp. All trainings take place at Soulce, Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt “de Witte Schuur” Weert 13 Maastricht The Netherlands. Participants Participants are responsible to secure their own accommodation, when needed. Details on the venue and a list of accommodation possibilities will be send to registered participants.

What does Valuation after the Experience mean and how does it work?
We are proud to offer Master I and II, on the conscious pricing model called Valuation after the Experience (VAE). This is how it works: your investment prior to the training is EUR 195 Registration fee, needed to book your seat and cover the logistical costs (meals, drinks, venue, training materials). On the last day of the training, you decide how much you choose to pay for the value you got out of the training. You fill out the VAE form, where you indicate how much you choose to pay for the training. You can pay the full amount at once or in up to four instalments.

Why do we offer Valuation after the Experience (VAE)?
We want to create a relationship between you and us based on responsibility and trust. We acknowledge that attending a training involves ‘not knowing’ whether the training will really give you what you want and need. After many years of experience and feedback from our graduates, we are 100% convinced of the high quality of our trainings. Through the VAE model we give you the possibility to first experience the training and then decide how much value you received and how you express it in terms of money. We think it is only fair that you have the opportunity to first see for yourself what the value of the training is and then decide on the amount you choose to put in. Please note: we are a normal company with a normal cost structure, however with a revolutionary pricing model. (To have some reference: for individuals who do not require an invoice on a company name, the market value for an ICF accredited coach training program is between €6500 and €8500

Which trainings do I need to complete in order to become a coach?
You need to complete two foundation trainings – Master I and Master II, plus the advanced coach training – Master III. Having completed all three trainings in this order, you may sign up for the Exam component and start practicing for the exam. Once you are ready with all the exam requirements, you can register and take the exam.

What are the rules regarding Cancellations?
Cancellations of any CC program that the delegate has registered for are charged a cancellation fee of 15% of the total tuition fee. Cancellations are only accepted in writing. If the cancellation is received less than 4 weeks before the start of the programme CC shall have the right to charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the tuition, less than 7 days before the start of the programme a cancellation fee of 75% of the tuition and less than 3 days before the start of the programme a cancellation fee of 100% of the tuition, except if the delegate provides someone else who takes over the enrolment. A full refund of all registration fees and tuition paid is granted if CC does not accept the delegate. Delegates may change the date of any course but then the delegate relinquishes their right to any cash refund in the event of a future cancellation. Trainings based on valuation after the experience do not give the right for a refund of the registration.

Why do I need to complete two foundation trainings before going into coach training?
Firstly, you need the foundation trainings in order to master generic principles and core distinctions that the Consciousness Coaching® method is based on. Master I and Master II give you the complete big picture of Consciousness Coaching®. Master III takes it to the next level and targets advanced development of coaching skills. Secondly, we believe that in order to coach others you first need to learn how to coach yourself. In Master I you acquire the awareness and tools needed for personal development and first apply them on yourself to experience their impact. In Master II and III you learn to apply these tools in your environment.

How long does the coach training take?
Depending on the training calendar, availability of seats on a particular training, and your own learning speed and schedule, the complete coaching training might take in between 6 and 12 months. When planning your coaching training, do not forget to plan in several weeks for peer coaching practice, observed coaching sessions, and exam preparation.
Consciousness Coaching® curriculum is ACTP.

What benefits does it give me?
ACTP means accredited coach training programme. It is a coach training programme certification issued by International Coach Federation, which is the largest professional organization for coaches with over 22.000 members worldwide. Our coach training programme being ACTP means that it adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics and aligns with the ICF Core Competences of a coach.
The main benefit for you is that you receive professional coach training that adheres to the highest international standards. Graduation from Consciousness Coaching® ACTP allows you to join ICF as a member and get credentialed with them. If you care for quality and professionalism and want your coach diploma to be recognized worldwide, the Consciousness Coaching® curriculum is the perfect choice for you.

I am working as a coach already. Are Consciousness Coaching® trainings useful for me?
Yes. Consciousness Coaching® is a cutting-edge method that sheds new light on coaching as a profession and a way of life. Having mastered the Consciousness Coaching® method, you can radically expand the spectrum of what you offer to your clients. You will experience a level up not only in your coach doing, but also in your coach being – we pay special attention to this and care not only for the techniques but also for the internal reality of a coach. Apart from taking a new perspective on coaching, you will inquire into consciousness and engage in personal development. Many of our students are coaches already and all of them testify having derived numerous personal and professional benefits from Consciousness Coaching® trainings.

Which training should I take?
Begin with Master I – A new state of consciousness. This foundational training gives you a significant increase in awareness and insight into the nature of human consciousness. This course can stand on its own and is a prerequisite for attending all other courses offered by Creative Consciousness. If you want to become a professional coach or simply gain the skills to relate and interact in empowering ways in your everyday life, you continue with Master II and III. Mastery of Success is highly recommended for all coaches, entrepreneurs and anyone else in search of massive success. Mastery of Relationships is for those who want to experience more fulfilling and authentic relationships.

What philosophical tradition are Creative Consciousness and Consciousness Coaching® based on?
The material of Creative Consciousness trainings and Consciousness Coaching® is based on concepts and terminology from the German philosophers who initiated the development of ontology and phenomenology, particularly Edmund Husserl (1859-1938), Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) and many others.

Is Consciousness Coaching® an ideology?
No. Consciousness Coaching® is, firstly, a coaching method, and, secondly, a perspective on life. Consciousness Coaching® has no claim to represent the one and only solution to life’s challenges and does not intend to create the one and only way to live. Consciousness Coaching® aims to give you new levels of awareness, enable your self-exploration, and trigger your own thinking.

How is Consciousness Coaching® related to religion?
Creative Consciousness and Consciousness Coaching® do not represent any religious ideologies, nor are they related to any sect, cult or dogmatic organization. We honour every client and student as the expert on their own life and work, believing that every person is creative, resourceful, and whole. If any of Creative Consciousness and Consciousness Coaching® trainings or empowerment paradigms seem to go against your religious beliefs, please know that Creative Consciousness and Consciousness Coaching® do not intend to replace or compete with those.