CREATE YOUR LIFE is an incredible 1-day experience that has the power to expand your awareness of hidden dynamics and secrets of how life works and how you really can create a life you LOVE to live. What if you can’t wait to get up in the morning, because your life is so exiting? 

The day is designed to be highly experiential, meaning a lot of real-time discoveries by yourself for yourself. 

You learn about the laws of Creation and how to use these for your realizing your goals and dreams. You discover deeper and truer layers about yourself; which creates a more vital and colorful experience of living your life.

On top of all that expect a lot of fun, awe and insights. 

This program is for everyone who feels that there is untapped potential in them, that there is a light and a power in them that hasn’t come out yet fully. The way our society is set up doesn’t support greatness, soulness and unlimited fulfillment; it is Creative Consciousness’s mission to show every human being their unique way to reawaken this powers and create a fulfilling, passionated and successful inner and outer life. Create passion for life.


This 1-day experience is on a Saturday, from 09.00 – 17.00, offered for € 79,- (incl. vat). See the agenda for the next opportunity to join this.

Coffee/tea, vegatarian lunch and a workbook will be offered.

Master 0 – CREATE YOUR LIFE will happen in Maastricht, at the venue “De Witte Schuur” of Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt.

More detailed information will be emailed after registration.