23 feb

Self Love and Money…

love-or-money-cartoonI am a strange creature…I am busy living a life that has meaning and makes me happy. And until not so long ago, I thought that having money was the key to have all that. However with me working long days, making career, earning more and more money, my expenses raised in the same speed as money was coming in. So at the end of every month, I still needed some money which wasn’t there. This might sounds familiar? What are my options here? Can I slow down and step out of the carousel-system that I participated in? Can I reduce my expenses to such a level that I experience more freedom and happiness? Can I increase my income even further? Can I……fill in the blank…. None of these however will work. Why is that? Why don’t they work? For that to see one need to look to your relationship to money. If your relationship is that “I am not worth to make more money than needed” or  “people with lot’s of money are ‘takers’ and I don’t want to belong to that group” or “money is the root of all evil” or ……Whatever story comes up for you thinking about money and making money, says something about your relationship to money. And from this relationship, this perspective, no matter how hard you work or what career you make, there would never be enough money to experience life in a way that it all makes sense. For that one has to shift the relationship to money first.  And for that you might to discover your money related shadows, to look deep into the conversations you tell yourself around Money, you might have a look at your financial challenges and why they are in your life, you look to your common reaction to debt and also look into Self Love. Money is attracted by self-love. Everyone has value, a price so to say, and life knows that price and life respects this price. That price is measured in love, in self-love. How much you love yourself – that might be equal to the level you value yourself. When you love yourself more and more, your value increases as well with increasing self-love. And with a high level of self love, your tolerance for self-abuse might become very low. Seeing this might cause a huge shift into starting to put your energy in activities because you choose to do so. Suddenly you are not driven by money, however driven coming from self love, by what makes it worth to put your energy into. So change your relationship to money and you change your life. And then the question “Do you have money or does money has you” is easy to answer in an empowering way.

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