04 may

Shining on Sunday

My Master I experience

I did my Master I when I was 15 years old. I was one of the last participants to finally leave the building. I was going to join my father and the other trainers for dinner. While I walked out of the door, the sun was already going down, I felt what kind of energy dome I left behind me. The energy in which almost 50 participant did their Master I. I step into the old same world/throwness. The world hadn’t changed a bit you know, it was me, all me. I had changed, I felt my energy flowing! I could have run back inside, trying to stay in the energy but I didn’t because I felt like I could take on the world and create everything! I felt the most powerful person ever. But not because of my energy or strength but because of the gratefulness and love I felt bowling up inside me, ready to inspire others. Everyone should be able to enjoy this experience.

I never thought of myself as insecure or even having problems. When I looked around me, my friends all seemed to have more trouble in life than I did. Never the less I choose to join the Master out of curiosity. Without knowing what to expect I came to the training and committed to be there a 100%.

In the training you can create personal goals which was all very nice to me and I achieved everyone of them but that is not what made the Master I so life changing. So what is it? To start it is definitely the experience itself. Being in a transformative process with 40 other people creates a certain environment, it is something indescribable. Everyone is individual in her/his process and yet (how spiritual it may seem) everyone is connected. And I have never had connections so deeply than in those masters. Secondly  it was the realization that life is so simple. The world we live in has so many “difficulties” and yet when I just look at it from another context it is nothing. “To see deeper layers of snow” is a sentence I will always remember. And finally like I said, I didn’t have a troubles or insecurities and still I grew so much stronger, more secure. I faced fear of the easiest things that were until than it was a part of my system. I got feedback and felt hurt like a mirror punched you in the face, I cried and felt shame because my father was  trainer and could see it. And you know what happened? I felt lighter, I was shining. I let everything flow and even when my thoughts and feelings were telling me the pain and shame, in the context and energy dome of the Master I, I somehow concurred this. Now after almost 4 years I admit that my consciousness might be a little less but the experience of the Master I, the strength, the goals, the tools never left my side. I will never be able to go back to the way I lived before the Master I and I am glad for that.

After the Master 1 I continued and did the Master II and III as well. My friends who didn’t quiet understood what the hell I did in those “Masters”, got influenced by me also. If someone has a problem they do not give tips anymore, no, they ask “What can we do for you?” “What is it you want?”. And I even got my boyfriend to do the Master one while I assisted. And even though he had some (a lot) resistance towards the whole consciousness stuff, he was truly shining on Sunday! Happiness, love, strength, etc. is already there, the Master I just gives you the tools to see it, grab it and embrace it!

– Amy Ruiters 04-05-2016