About Us

Consciousness Coaching® Netherlands is the Dutch representative of Consciousness Coaching®, a company that delivers Consciousness Coaching® courses and trainings worldwide. Consciousness Coaching® was founded in 1991 by Marc Steinberg, who has dedicated his life to researching human consciousness. Consciousness Coaching® Netherlands offers private individuals and companies courses and trainings in the field of personal growth, awareness creation, team development and culture and change management. We also offer the Professional Consciousness Coaching® Training, an internationally accredited training programme aimed at becoming a professional Consciousness Coach®.

A few aspects of Consciousness Coaching® differ substantially from aspects of other (professional) coaching training programmes. ‘Regular’ coaching is carried out on the level of daily consciousness – an effective, but also very limited coaching method. Consciousness Coaching® takes it further and taps into deeper layers of consciousness, the existence of which most people are not even aware of. Consciousness Coaching® makes people aware of this subconscious and paves the way to unlimited possibilities. For the development of the course material Marc Steinberg made use of the concepts and terminology of the founders of ontology (the science of being) and phenomenology, most prominently German philosophers Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger, whose Sein und Zeit is one of the milestones of twentieth-century philosophy.

The Professional Consciousness Coaching® Training is recognised by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as an Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP)

Consciousness Coaching® emphasizes practical competences, while at the same time not losing sight of the theory. This principle is based on the idea that coaches ought to practise what they preach. The most significant difference between Consciousness Coaching® and many other coaching training programmes may be that we coach rather than teach you to become a coach. We believe that by listening carefully and asking the right questions, deeper insights can be gained by you than when we spoon-feed you the answers.

Getting to know our team

Charles Ruiters
Director of Operations, Expert Consciousness Coach® & Trainer
Joris Swinkels
Director, Accredited Consciousness Coach® & Trainer